The new strategy for Vietnam Mechanics

Dated 11.10.2015, the Department of Heavy Industry, Ministry of Industry and Trade in collaboration with the relevant units to organize the Conference Development Strategy Vietnam Mechanics in 2025 and orientations to 2030. Deputy Minister Industry and Trade Cao Quoc Hung attended and chaired the workshop.

Deputy Minister Cao Quoc Hung Workshop

According to Pham Anh Tuan - Deputy Director of the Department of Heavy Industry, implementing the strategy developed Vietnam's mechanical engineering industry in the 2002-2010 period with a vision to 2020, the industry has achieved some remarkable results: the proportion of industrial production value in the mechanical engineering industry against the total industrial production value of the industry to increase each year, from 16% in 2002 to 25.1% in 2010.

Some sub-sectors also had significant changes. Specifically, the complete equipment, domestic production is the type of hydro-mechanical equipment for hydropower plants, steel rolling production line to build the capacity of 30,000 tons / year ... the power industry equipment produce up to 500 KVA transformers and other equipment up to 220kV substation ...

However, a number of objectives in the development strategy of Vietnam's mechanical engineering industry in the 2002-2010 period has not been completed, such as 45-50% target to meet the needs of mechanical products for the country only meets industry to be 32.31%; Not overcome the state of fragmentation and dispersion in mechanical engineering, classification criteria for key industries such as mechanics for agriculture, forestry, fisheries, processing industry ... is still low; consulting research capacity advanced technology applications is still limited, the mechanical product technology content quite branded Vietnam still meager ...

The reason is that goals set out in the strategic sector last period too broad, subjective and not adequately assess the difficulties, competitive conditions in international integration. The priority sectors covered almost the entire manufacturing industry, while limited resources, the condition of the industry infrastructure is weak. Mechanisms and policies issued relatively full enforceability however poorly due to lack of resources ...

According to Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, to overcome the current situation, at the same time facilitate the development of the sector in the context of deeper integration ministry is building development strategies Vietnam's mechanical engineering industry in 2025 and the towards 2035.

Accordingly, the 2025 target Vietnam's mechanical engineering industry capable of competing for the development of integration, with modern technology, and participate in global value chains in some subsectors, mechanical field competitiveness, meet the basic requirements of national industrialization and export ... by 2035, Vietnam's mechanical engineering industry was developed with the majority of subjects with advanced technology, quality products international standards, are deeply involved in the global value chain ... Specifically, in 2025, the proportion of over 21% of mechanical accounting, in 2035 24% of the industry structure. In 2025, the industry meets 50% of demand in the domestic market and in 2035 met 60%.

To achieve these objectives, the new strategy also builds many solutions such as timely promulgate policies to promote the development of the mechanical engineering industry, including tax incentives and measures to support business investment ; improve the efficiency of State management over the activities of the sector; improve the efficiency of investment and production business in the mechanical plant ...

Contribute ideas for new strategies, Nguyen Chi Sang - Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering, said: The mechanics have 2 types of cargo, an operation under the laws of the market and the type needed visible hand gorvernment's. So in the next phase strategy should clearly identify each of the commodities of any kind and clearly defined policies to support. Maybe, instead of support for business loans with low interest rates, the market gives enterprise business to invest and develop. "Strategic Partnership Agreement Pacific Economic coming into force so sub-sectors that need support, support how to not violate commitments are issues to note", he said Sang.

According to Tran Van Quang - Chairman of the Board of Management Corporation Dong Anh Electrical Equipment and policy support to the sector, while thorough, when implemented in practice is very difficult, even lag. Therefore, the issuance and supplement policies close to reality, especially the creation of the market is an important factor for businesses and for the development of mechanical engineering.

Speaking at the conference Deputy Minister Cao Quoc Hung stressed, the industry has a very low starting point has been the result today is a major effort. With the comments of delegates, deputy editor requesting acquiring, researching, editing and continue to be discussed for the next comment period.

He also said that the development strategy Vietnam mechanic industry-oriented development sector in the coming period. The specific support policies will be developed later, issued to synchronize the deployment and implementation.

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