Production of mechanical problems several "bottlenecks"

"The younger generation is now only interested in trade and services. Few people want to invest in factories to produce because of policy mechanisms to encourage enterprises not invested for production ", words of an entrepreneur in the field of assembly have shown one of the" knots "large mechanical manufacturing industry today.

Drip investment due to lack of funds

Investment for production needs large capital and stable but in a reflection of Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan Anh - General Director of JSC Industrial Manufacturing Ha Yen kitchen, now very difficult to access concessional sources Bank. Not to mention, the lending rate of the domestic producers in the region like Singapore is 2.5% / year (2 years ago), Malaysia around 4-5% / year ... in Vietnam, the current commercial lending Commerce is 7-8% / year, while investment loans of up to 11.5% / year. "Interest rates for such loans can not encourage enterprises to invest" - Ms. Lan Anh urgent.

Workers working in a limited liability company Engineering and industrial automation. Photo: Thanh Hai

This explains why the younger generation is now only interested in the service, trade as easy to get bank loans, faster payback than. But the long-term consequences will be the domestic production is impaired, Vietnam in danger of being depended upon the consumer market for neighboring countries.

At the same point of view, Mr. Dao Duc Thanh - General Director of Dong Hung Joint Stock Company, said: "40 years ago, Thailand's poorest countries, but so far they took us to the 30th. Not only inferior to Thailand, Vietnam also has the risk of Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar passed if the domestic production continues to grow sluggish ".

According to Mr. Thanh, manufacturing enterprises should be "encouraged" preferential loan capital, this rate decreased to 10-12% / year, but many businesses are still not accessible because of difficulties too much procedures: "as our business has 20,000m2 of land ownership categories 50 years, has invested in infrastructure, building workshops and activities long, fully taxed, but the bank has not been accepted as collateral to obtain loans. "

Therefore "know" that it's hard now to expand the scale of production, investment only drip can not compete with foreign rivals, not enough to get large orders. Not to mention, low labor productivity, shortage of skilled workers makes business more difficult to manage. Meanwhile, representatives Tan A Dai Thanh Group said again, businesses wanted to expand production on the Hanoi area but the City does not have the land to meet the demand. By specific production needs large factories, only a few thousand square meters of land is not enough for the development of the Group.

Need the support substance

Sharing the concerns of businesses in meeting enterprises mechanical industry by the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises Hanoi City held recently, Mr. Le Hong Thang - Director of Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade frankly pointed out the limitations of mechanical engineering Hanoi in recent years. That is the weak link and closed, equipment and technology level slow innovation, human resources are insufficient and weak, has not been material autonomy. To overcome these problems, the role of business associations, associations mechanics is extremely important in order to mount more businesses.

Besides, the leaders of the Department of Trade agrees with the mechanisms proposed should have a consistent policy on the market, credit support, financial and domestic market protection. In the context of the enterprise capacity in particular mechanical engineering and other manufacturing industries in general are limited, it is necessary to create an order for businesses by having clearly defined percentage of orders for domestic engineering business reasonable to invest in building factories from the capital budget. Also, it needs a clear plan of equipment, products produced in the country is the only certain not to enter or enter with certain percentage.

With comments relating to land, Mr Thang admitted, production space of Hanoi is not the "nice girl" anymore, can not hold on land prices in Hanoi perspective far different to the provinces other. However, the adjustment of land prices have consensus from departments other ... And it would not land plentiful so be selective and prioritize the production of mechanical products with high levels of intelligence high...

It is reported that after the meeting, the dialogue now mechanical engineering industry, the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises Hanoi City will coordinate with the departments concerned held meetings with business in many other industry groups to answer questions and solve problems specific to each business.

My Binh (source: according to the British Home,

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